Miriam Santiago As ICC Judge

Miriam Santiago Philippines' ICC Judge Bet

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Philippines Nominated Miriam Santiago As ICC Judge

Philippine senator Miriam Defensor - Santiago has been nominated as a judge for the International Criminal Court or ICC by the Department of Foreign Affairs.

Miriam Defensor Santiago said that she was nominated to the ICC by Albert del Rosario, the current secretary of Foreign Affairs and that the Philippine president had approved the nomination.

Senator Santiago said that she was just told that afternoon about the nomination. "I was just informed this afternoon that I was nominated as judge to the International Criminal Court (ICC) and the nomination had been approved by the President," - Santiago said on a media interview yesterday, August 27,2011.

Antonio Rodriguez said that senator Santiago was nominated for her various expertise like international humanitarian law, experience in criminal law and her known advocacy for the Rome Statute of the ICC. The nomination was publicly announced at the closing of a symposium on International Humanitarian Law Day where the senator was invited as the keynote speaker.

The election of judges for the International Criminal Court, iCC, is scheduled to be held on New York City, USA this coming December 12-21 during the 10'th session of the Assembly of States Parties in NYC.

Just in case Senator Miriam Santiago will get the seat as a judge at the ICC, she will be taking her office at Hague, Netherlands for whole nine years.

Santiago said that she will be leaving the country soon to make her campaign. Update: Santiago said that she would start her campaign this September or around October, first in Hague Netherlands and then in New York.

The senator said that she is willing to give up her senatorial position here in the country if she will be elected as a new ICC judge.

Campaign efforts is crucial for the position as big international organizations like the International Criminal Court (ICC) make decisions based on political aspects and not through credentials and merits like the Philippines' Civil Service Commission (CSC) - the nominated senator said.

Though experts said that Miriam's bet as the ICC judge had some disadvantage because 11 out of 19 judges are females, and that the possibility that they will balance the gender among judges can be expected.

For readers information, this will be the second time that the senator was nominated by the country. Last time that she was nominated was when Gloria Macapagal - Arroyo was still the president, which she personally campaign for her with the help of GMA's foreign allies.

We, the keywordspeak.com team wants to say good luck to our intelligent senator. You will be a big loss for the country, but we always want you to belong to somewhere where your potentials will be maximize, thank your for everything.


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