Marcelito Po Moy Maalaala Mo Kaya August 20, 2011 Live Stream

Maalaala Mo Kaya MMK Marcelito Pomoy, August 20, 2001, Online Live Stream

maalaala mo kaya marcelito po moy live stream

MMK Marcelito Pomoy, Maalaala Mo Kaya Live Streaming

Maalaala mo kaya, the longest true-to-life story on the Philippines is again to feature a fresh and interesting life story for its next episode, this coming Saturday, August 20, 2011.

Marcelito Po Moy, Pilipinas Got Talent Season 2, PGT Season 2, grand winner's life will be portrayed on Maalaala Mo Kaya by one of the ABS-CBN young drama talent, JM De Guzman. The rumor had ended as JM De Guzman himself confirmed on his twitter account that he will be playing the role of Marcelito on the next MMK episode.

"RT @marcelitopmoyko: Catch The Marcelito Pomoy Story on MMK this Saturday right after Wansapanataym starring JM_DeGuzman as "Marcelito Pomoy" :D" - JM De Guzman tweet said.

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The life of Marcelito Po Moy has been featured on ABS-CBN basd shows like 'The Buzz' and 'Rated K', aside from other magazines where his life story's preview was written.

ABS-CBN this time decided to fully feature his life story on the national television. It will be expected that the next Maalaala Mo Kaya episode will show Marcelito's life background as a poor young boy and of course his story on how did he came into the Pilipinas Got Talent Season 2 contest.

The highlight of the story (as forcasted) will be the union of his family after he became the grand winner of the PGT Season 2 contest. As it was publicvly known, Marcelito Po Moy is a product of a broken family from his childhood. The story would start on a typical young poor boy who strive on life with his good heart and talent.

Watch out JM De Guzman as he portrayed Marcelito Po Moy's life story on Maalaala Mo Kaya this coming Saturday, August 20, 2011, whcih will be directed by FM Reyes.

Meanwhile here is the trailer of the next Maalaala Mo Kaya episode.

You can also watch Maalaala Mo Kaya, August 20, 2011 episodes via online live streaming for free here.

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Photo credit: JM De Guzman

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