Lea Salonga Becomes Disney Legend

Lea Salonga Becomes Disney Legend

lea salonga disney legend award

Disney Legend Award For Lea Salonga

Another Philippine pride rouse at Anaheim, California, USA as she was recognized as one of the twelve Disney Legends.

Filipina Lea Salonga was applauded by 4,000 people on the D23 Expo, a three day event for Disney fans that was attended by Disney enthusiasts from all ages and from all over the world.

Lea Salonga was greeted with a standing ovation as she take the stage to receive the "Disney Legend" award. Salonga admitted on the media after receiving the award that she became emotinal when she saw the crowds' response as she went up stage.

"It's pretty amazing," - "I'd like to think that my trip through my life and my career hasn't stopped yet." - Lea Salonga said on the media after receiving the award.

Salonga added that even though she's already on the middle age after reaching 40 years old, she feels that things are still getting better on her life and on her carreer.

"I don't know that it can get better than this, but I have a feeling it's still going to," - the singer said.

Lea also have her own fans who had attended the awarding ceremony at D23 to rejoice with her.

"It's every little girl that's grown up's fantasy to be able to see one of the most iconic voices when it comes to women’s empowerment and cartoon movies. It's phenomenal," said Alyssa Label, one of Lea's fans.

Lea Salonga's success was celebrated by the entire Philippines together with the Filipino community worldwide because Filipino was rarely recognized as a world class talent, and having someone as being one of the "Disney Legend" is something that all Filipino can really be proud of.

It can be recalled that Lea Salonga made a phenomenal news on the Philippines as she was picked as the singer for Princess Jasmine on 1993 Disney's film "Aladdin". Her next major project for the Walt Disney was when again picked as the singing voice for Fa Mulan of "Mulan" and "Mulan 2" Disney movies on 1998.

Other singing voice that Lea Salonga took part of are Belle from "Beauty and the Beast", Ariel of "The Little Mermaid" and Princess Tiana of "Princess and the Frog".

"This is a really big deal. It's wonderful for all these princesses to be honored in such a wonderful way by the Walt Disney Company," - "To the Walt Disney Company, thank you so much." Lea Salonga said as she received the award.

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