James Yap To Remake Last Two Minutes Movie

Last Two Minutes Movie Remake - James Yap

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James Yap To Remake Last Two Minutes Movie

James Yap, the two time Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) most valuable player is well known among basketball fanatics. However, he became more popular after he married Philippines' talk show host and queen of all media Kris Aquino.

In short, Filipinos are hearing his name if the news was either about basketball or about Kris' love life.

However, the Regal films owner, Mother Lily has plans for James Yap which could make his own name be mentioned on all media publications without the word basketball or Kris Aquino on it.

As James Yap attended the birthday party of Regal Films' producer Mother Lily Monteverde, rumors was heard that Mother Lily said to James Yap that she is willing to produce a movie under Regal Films with Yap on it. Mother Lily specifically mentioned the remake of "Last Two Minutes", Regal Films' owned and produced movie way back 1990 directed and written by Mike Relon Makiling.

Last Two Minutes is a movie of Regal Films from 1990 which starred by actors like Alvin Patrimonio, Benjie Paras, Paul Alvarez, Jerry Cordinera, Roderick Paulate, Carmina Villaroel, Ruffa Gutierrez, Aiko Melendez, Zoren Legaspi, Jeffrey Santos, Aljon JImenez, Janice de Belen, Alice Dixson, Maricel Laxa and Mahal.

It can be recalled that this is the debut movie of Mahal.

Regal Films is willing to make a deal with James Yap to (lead role?) co-star the movie. The original movie is a comedy on plot so it is expeted that this will be something like Vic Sotto's or Dolphy's light comedy movie.

Whatever could it be, this is really a different kind of break for James Yap.


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