I want a free PageRank shirt from Jehzlau Concepts

It is Sunday and this day is dedicated to be my full rest day. Giving yourself a day break is really a need for a blogger like me who also have an 8-5 day job.

But naaah, I can't resist to make a post to have my own PageRank shirt from Jehzlau Concepts for free!

Nope, it's not a contest, Jehzlau-Concepts.com together with bloggershirts.com is giving away a PageRank shirt for all Filipino bloggers who would make a post on their own blog. The first twenty bloggers who would make a post and make a comment link on the contest giveaway page will be receiving a free shirt via a package mail.

All Filipino bloggers are qualified to join, that means that wherever you are in the world - you can join. The age of your blog isn't even an issue as no links are required. That means that you can create a gmail account (just in case you haven't had yet) and stash your first post on blogspot to be qualified.

Well, that's an idea, though it's hard to imagine wearing a shirt to announce that you have a zero pagerank on your blog, heheeee. But you got a tshirt - that's the point.

Anyway, keywordspeak.com's pagerank is 2, so I think I can wear the shirt and I wouldn't mind if a fellow blogger can see me wearing it (smile).

Anyway, as of 08/14/11 - 09:18, I think I'm the fifth person to submit my post, so I believe that I'm pretty sure that I will be receiving my own PR shirt soon.

I will save Jehzeel from the problem of gathering my PR shirt details, so here they are.

Shirt Type: Men
Check Google Page Rank

Size: Small

That's it, I can't wait for September =)


  1. Thanks for joining and posting all the necessary details! Your shirt will be shipped to you by early September. Congrats! :D