Hiyas Ng Kadayawan 2011 Winners, Davao City

Winners Of Hiyas Ng Kadayawan 2011 - Davao City

hiyas ng kadayawan 2011 winners

Hiyas Ng Kadawayan 2011

Hiyas ng Kadayawan is Davao City's annual event in search for that distinctive indigenous young lady who is knowledgeable and can showcase her native culture and wisdom through a pageantry of Mindanaoan myths and legends.

This year's grand coronation night, Hiyas Ng Kadayawan 2011, took place last August 17, 2011 at six in the evening at the Davao CIty Recreation Center (formerly Almendras Gym).

The talent night happened on the sixteenth of August at the Abreeza Mall and the question and answer portion and the grand coronation night took place on the next day.

The ten young contestants are:

1.) Fauzia Jamsuri, 20 (Tausog)
2.) Leah Jean Benito, 20 (Matigsalog)
3.) Jhel Ann Oboc, 18 (Obu Manuvu)
4.) Zarina Mangadta, 15 (Maguindanao)
5.) Judelyn Ogos, 18 (Bagobo Tagabawa)
6.) Almeline Cheenee Hamid, 19 (Sama)
7.) Norie Fe Licomes, 24 (Bagobo Klata)
8.) Rahima Usman, 16 (Maranao)
9.) Bernalin Mamboo , 18 (Ata)
10.) Mia Rose Sarip Apadan, 18 (Kagan)

hiyas ng kadayawan 2011
The grand winner is Princess bai Rahima Usman, 16 years old from the Maranao tribe. Princess Bai Rahima Usman was crowned as the "Hiyas Ng Kadayawan 2011" grand winner and also received the Miss Photogenic award.

The first runner up is Bernalin Mamboo, eighteen years old from the Ata tribe. Bernalin Mamboo also received other awards than being the "Hiyas ng Kauswagan" (Gem Of Progress), she also got the "Most Friendly" award.

Second runner up was awarded to the lady from the Sama tribe, Almeline Cheene Hamid, which got the "Hiyas ng Tingusbawan" or the Gem of Fulfilled Promise.

The prizes for the Hiyas Ng Kadayawan 2011 festival are the following:
  • Hiyas ng Kadayawan = Php. 50,000
  • Hiyas ng Kauswagan = Php. 40,000
  • Hiyas ng Tingusbawan = Php. 30,000
  • Hiyas ng Kaliwatan = Php. 10,000
We, the keywordspeak.com team wants to congratulate the Davao City for the success of this year's festival, and most especially to the winners and all the contestants and to each tribes.


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