Hayden Kho's Medical License Revoked By PRC Permanently

PRC Permanently Revoked Hayden Kho's Medical License

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No More Appeal On PRC For Hayden Kho

Philippines' Professional Regulation Commission, PRC, had closed its door for Hayden Kho on his appeal to reinstate his medical license.

"the Commission’s decision is final and may not be appealed before the PRC," - Professional Regulation Commission office said on a media statement on its reference on its earlier decision on revoking Hayden Kho's medical license.

PRC clarified however that Kho can still and always take the case to the court of appeals and even to the supreme court as he wishes to pursue for the reinstatement of his medical license as a cosmetic surgeon. The PRC said this on the public as they are aware that Kho's lawyers may have considered such moves.

It can be recalled that Hayden Kho's medical license was revoked by the Philippine Board of Medicine way back year 2009 as the self-made scandal was on its peak. The PRC, on its final decision, issued last August 22, 2011 had ended any possible attempt from Kho's camp to their office.

The license being revoke was triggered when Katrina Halili filed an administrative case against him after he secretly filmed the actress while they are having six (purposely mispelt). The video then leaked, shared and spread online and was a topic that was feasted on the entire country for some months.

"The Commission believes that his actuation is immoral, dishonorable and unethical," the PRC office said, in its statement sent by Marian Layug, PRC's Public Information and Media Relations Unit spokesperson.

On the other side, Hayden Kho said that the PRC’s decision was "difficult to accept" because he was "losing [his] medical license not because of lack of knowledge or skills or even lack of dedication to [his] profession." - Kho said on air from a television news program.

To defer this reasoning, the PRC stressed that there was no division between a medical practitioner’s private and personal life.

"There is no distinction as to whether the transgression is committed in a physician’s private life or in his professional capacity, for a physician may not divide his personality as a doctor at one time, and a mere citizen at the other," the Professional Regulation Commission official statement read.

This issue will surely going to be a long story that could run up to decades, especially today where Hayden Kho was financed supported by his now wife and multi-millionaire Vicki Bello. The fight for his license reinstatement will surely be brought to wherever venue and means possible.

Meanwhile the case filed by Katrina Halili against Hayden Kho is still on going.


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