DOTA 2 Live Stream - DOTA 2 International Competition

Dota 2 International Tournament

dota 2 international tournament competition live stream

Can DOTA 2 Tournament Be Watch Via Online Streaming ?

Valve, who owns Defense Of The Ancient (DOTA) had confirmed the rumors that DOTA 2 is real and that it will be release this year.

With this, they have announced an international tournament dubbed as "The International" where sixteen elite DOTA teams from different qualified countries will match up for the international competition that will be held on between August 17 and August 21 of this year.

Dota 2 international competition will take place at Gamescom in Cologne, Germany. The top prize is a rocking 1,000,000 USD (no typo there!) which the grand winner will take home.

Here are the 16 contestants that would participate on the internationa DOTA competition, DOTA 2011.

Europe - GCnet
Europe -
Denmark - MYM
Ukraine - Na'Vi
China - CCM
China - LGD
China - Tyloo
China - EHOME
China -
Russia - M5
Thailand - MitH-Trust
Vietnam - StarsBoba
Denmark - nevo
Singapore - Scythe.SG
Malaysia - MUFC
Philippines - Mineski.Infinity

dota 2 international tournament live stream

The said competition, DOTA 2 will be shown publicly for the first time. We will be providing (embedding) the DOTA 2 Live Streaming as soon as it became available online. The broadcast will be release in four different languages, namely - Chinese, English, German and Russian.

The DOTA 2 competition will also be joined by NVidia which will provide all the hardware for the tournament.

DOTA2 will be made available for the PC and Mac later this year.


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