Displays Real Time Traffic Stats

Blogger's Traffic Stats Page Display An Accurate Real Time Data

blogger traffic stats page real time

This is really a shock on me, just a while ago, I discovered that blogger blogging platform displays a real time data on its traffic stats page.

I'm not sure if this is an old news but I did not found any article about this matter on google after using the "blogger stats page traffic real time" keywords.

The thing is I just created a new blogger page and saw that the traffic on that page had five views. So I tried refreshing the traffic stats page, go to my homepage and click on my new page link, refresh the traffic stats page again and I confirmed that the data displayed was really a real time traffic results.

This is really a good news for bloggers like me who also use

That means that everything on the traffic stats page is updated up to the second you refresh it.

If you're a blogger who uses blogspot, can you confirm if you had the same data on your dashboard too?


  1. bro tama ka :) ngayon ko lang din napansin...thanks thanks bro..

  2. thanks for confirming csseyah =)