Bagyong Mina Weakens | August 29, 2011 Update

Bagyong Mina Weakens As It Leaves The Country

Bagyong Mina Update

After pushing its strongest force that reached up to public storm signal number four which has a wind of greater than 185 kilometers per hour, Bagyong Mina weakens as it sets its path to leave the country, Philippines.

bagyong mina august update

The location of the center of bagyong Mina is estimated to be at 190 kilometers north northwest of Basco, Batanes, which is somewhere above the Philippines.

The threat remains to only three provinces, one are that have signal number two and two areas that has been declared to have a public storm signal number one.

Public Storm Signal Number Two (60-100 kph):
Batanes Group of Islands

Public Storm Signal Number Two (45-60 kph):
Babuyan & Calayan Group of Islands

Let's all hope that the following days would give us a break from the rainy days.

For a more complete details and timely update for Bagyong Mina, click link below:
Bagyong Mina Update


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