Andi Eigenmann Scandal ?

Andi Eigenmann Scandal, A Hoax

andi eigenmann scandal

Not True - Andi Eigenmann Scandal

This is another pathetic technique that website owner do to promote their site. Earlier, we receive a spam email that has a subject "Andi Eigenmann Scandal". The email has nothing but a link to a certain website.

I know that this could be a plain hoax, maybe a site that would try to sneak in a spyware on my computer. But because I'm a little confident that my system is secure, considering my browser setting plus my reliable and updated antivirus, I decided to click on the link.

Checking on the website, I saw local celebrity girls' photos with Andi on the top most. Clicking on the "Read more..." below Andi's photo would on redirect you to a dead end page that shows Andi Eigenmann with her sisters on a funny photo pose.

I would not include the website address here so I would not promote the site.

looking at the website on the whois domain database, the domain is less than a year old.

Though we are not blaming the website owner, because users can submit any information they wanted by clicking on the "Submit" button.


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