Robin Padilla Mariel Rodriguez Break Up?

Robin Padilla And Mariel Rodriguez Break Up, true or not ?

robin padilla mariel rodriguez break up

Rumor - Robin Padilla and Mariel Rodriguez broke up

There has been a noisy buzz on Philippine showbiz. The controversial relationship of Philippine bad boy Robin Padilla and the witty Mariel Rodriguez has been put on fire again.

Is there any truth about Robin Padilla and Mariel Rodriguez break up ?

Them being together is a certified new maker way back before. The ligawan happened on Wowowee, where Robin Padilla substituted Willie Revillame as the main host, while Mariel Rodriguez was the co-host. The team-up even diverted the real issue on the show, that the main host is missing.

The romance was witnessed by million of Filipinos here and abroad, and after a month or so, their relationship was admitted on public.

The news maker relationship of Robin Padilla and Mariel Rodriguez became hotter as it has been reported that they had a been married in Igorot way. There was later a report that Mariel and Robin saying that the native wedding wasn't official yet. However, the Igorot who married them said that the ceremony is solemn and valid and it is not some kind of play.

Having known all these, Robin and Mariel news surfaces again with this separation rumors.

The question is, are there any truth about Robin and Mariel break up ? Can anyone confirm this?


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