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Resignation Letter Sample

I tried to investigate the rumor that people who resign from their work is so pandemic on my country, Philippines, than any other country on the planet. Is it really true that Filipinos are tend to resign to their job with some time pattern?

I even heard on my co-worker (which was scheduled to resign in a month) that it is just common to stay on a company for two to three years.

What are the reasons?
Was it salary? Bosses? Co-workers? Working condition? Location? Well, I don't now exactly.

But if you will ask me, here are my personal reason that would lead me on resigning.
1.) Immediate supervisor relationship
2.) Salary
3.) Other more reasons are all equal

I actually even want to level number 1 and 2 with equal weight, but since it is itemized, there it is.

Anyway, as promised on my title, here is the sample template for a resignation letter.

Date Month Year

Mr/Ms (Your Full Name)
Work Title
Your Company name
Company Mailing address
City Postcode

Dear (Your boss name)

Your first paragraph must state directly your letter's purpose, no inappropriate fillers necessary. You can start with a simple greetings like 'Good day' or 'Good morning', then followed by the main course of 'I am writing to inform you...' though feel free to use your own words as long as they are polite and professional. Then state your reason for leaving the company. Closing your first paragraph with 'unfortunately, this means I am unable to continue my work with...' will give a light touch for your intention.

For your second paragraph, it is but appropriate to mention specific dates of your planned last day. Be considerate with your last day as it must be enough for your company to have time in finding your replacement and lead time in training. As a sign of good faith, you should state your contact details should they will be needing you for any assistance in the future. This will make your employer not to feel by being just left behind irresponsibly, which would make the transition a lot smoother for everyone.

For your finale, your last paragraph must show your appreciation to your company. State the positive elements, skills you gained, knowledge you learnt, friends you met, and experienced you had for that company. This will leave a little smile for your managers as it is a common response for anyone to feel good when appreciated.

Yours sincerely


Your Full Name

Okay, that would be for the template. This will be my rough resignation letter just in case I would resign on my current work.

For my first paragraph...
Good day.

I would like to inform you that I am rendering my resignation from the company. I just want to try and explore myself to other place like Manila or to work overseas. I want you to know that I regret doing this, but external factors pushed me to pursue other job. Unfortunately, this mean that I am unable to continue working as an to this company.

My target last day will be on , though please feel comfortable to tell me for any adjustments you would require to hire my replacement and for me to train him/her. Also, below are my contact details in case you would need my assistance after my resignation date. Please feel free to contact me for any queries in the future as I am more than willing to assist you or my replacement.

With this, please let me thank you for giving me such wonderful and fruitful experiences I had for working here on your company. Thank you for being so good to me for the past of my stay here on the company.

Yours sincerely


Your Full Name

Well, that would be my rough draft for my resignation letter. I sure will be back on this post should I would be resigning on my job. I'll update this post when I had an chance of making my real and final resignation letter.

Just a thought, how I wish employees can put the salary issue on their resignation letter, but it will make everything ugly and inappropriate. I believe that 90% of employees leave their jobs because they are looking for greener pastures, I can tell, I saw many. But naah, we can't do that, as no one wants to leave a materialistic impression to the people he will left, dignity as they said, funny but true.

Anyway, proceeding to my investigation, I discovered that the searches for the term 'resignation letter' and other related keywords on the most popular search engine, Google, is coming from Philippines. So it is confirmed that Filipinos are leaving their jobs than any other races on the planet.

Here is the proof:

resignation letter sample
Above is the data from google trends that shows the top ten countries who are searching for the term 'resignation letter'. Above are the searches per country, here is the result per cities:
sample of resignation letter

As you can see, the gap between the first and the second on both graph is considerably high.

Confirmed, Philippines is really the top source of traffic regarding 'resignation letter' and other related keywords.

Case closed !


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