Qatar Bans Vegetables From Spain, Germany Over E. Coli Scare

Qatar Banned Selected Vegetables From Germany and Spain

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E. Coli Bacteria Scares Qatar

Qatar has recently placed a temporary ban over Germany and Spain's fresh vegetables, included on the ban are the fresh cucumbers, tomatoes and lettuces on concern to the deadly E. coli bacteria that had scared many countries worldwide.

Aside from the mentioned vegetables, all other vegies from Europe must carry a valid health certificate proving that they are not contaminated with the E. coli bacteria.

The Qatar health authorities added that they will "not hesitate to ban all vegetable imports from Europe if that is necessary to preserve the people's health in Qatar."

Banning the selected vegetables is the result of the Qatar - Supreme Council of Health's food control committee emergency meeting that tackled the issue.

Other neighboring United Arab Emirates had already banned cucumbers from Spain, Germany, Netherlands and Denmark because of concerns on illness that had killed at least 18 people on their country.

E. coli bacteria is known to be a deadly rod shape microorganisms that nests on foods which is the leading causes on food recalls worldwide


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