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Watch Mommy Elvie@18 – GMA 7

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Mommy Elvie@18 – GMA 7 : Mommy Elvie & Ariel Villasanta

Watch Mommy Elvie@18 at GMA 7 on its second season now on primetime!

Yes, you heard it right, Mommy Elvie@18 of GMA 7 will now be aired avery Saturday on primetime. The season one is really a big hit for GMA 7, and they notice it! The experimental show had clicked on Filipino viewers and gathered considerable ratings which pushed GMA management to place it on their primetime slot.

If you are watching Mommy Elvie@18 at 10:30 every Saturday, now on its second season, expect it to see on the primetime.

I first saw Mommy Elvie on TV5's, abc 5 then, Misadventures Of Maverick And Ariel show, where Mommy Elvie was just a filler and usually taken by camera when Ariel is home. I saw Mommy Elvie before on that show who usually getting angry with his out-of-the-world son, Ariel, complaining on why did he got a son like Ariel - "Bakit ba ko nagka-anak ng ganito, siraulo", as I remember her saying.

But Mommy Elvie is defenitely not an extra today as she topbills her own show, which made her son as he side kick.

For the season two, expect the humorous Mommy Elvie on Saturday night - primetime, Mommy Elvie@18.

You can also watch Mommy Elvie@18 – GMA 7 online via live streaming here:

GMA 7 Live Streaming Online, click here.

"Marami akong natatanggap na messages sa Facebook page ko na gusto nila sa GMA-7 na ito ilagay. Gusto nila primetime na. Yung iba kasi, hindi nila mapanood kapag Saturday ng umaga sa GMA News TV. Minsan tulog pa raw sila," said Mommy Elvie on an interview.


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