Live Stream PNoy Noynoy SONA 2011

Watch Live Stream of PNoy SONA 2011, Noynoy SONA 2011

aquino pnoy noynoy sona 2011 live stream

Live Streaming - PNoy SONA 2011, Noynoy SONA 2011

This post is dedicated for the Philippine President, Benigno Aquino III, live streaming video for the upcoming SONA, PNoy SONA 2011 - Noynoy SONA 2011.

The embedded live streaming video will be available here before the actual SONA date, which will be on July 15, 2011. PNoy SONA 2011 or Noynoy SONA 2011 live streaming video will be embedded here as soon as it gets available online.

Are you a Filipino? Pinoy ka ba?

Then it a sure thing that you also want to watch the PNoy SONA 2011 video yourself. As an aware Filipino, wherever you are, it is really a must to see or at least read the transcript of the president's SONA for this year.

You had anticipated GMA's SONA for nine years, we are sure that you are more eager to watch for the Philippine President, Benigno Aquino III - PNoy Noynoy, upcoming SONA next month.

Meanwhile, the link below will content the full transcript of PNoy Noynoy SONA 2011:
PNoy Noynoy SONA - Full Transcript

The embedded video will be posted after this line.

UPDATE: JULY 25, 2011

We already had disabled the live streaming since the actual SONA 2011 is over.
Instead, we embedded the video replay below:

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