June 13, 2011 Is A Holiday - Non Working

June 13, 2011 Is A Non Working Holiday

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Non working holiday on June 13, 2011

Yes, it is a confirmed news, June 13, 2011 is a non-working holiday for the entire country.

This was a confirmed (good) news that I have heard earlier on our office from one of my officemate, chich later confirmed by another co-worker. They said that they saw the announcement on the bulletin board on our canteen about June 13, 2011 being a nonworking holiday.

However, I failed to see the announcement posted on the bulletin because I forgot to look at it. I tried searching the net to have any confirmation about the non-working holiday for June 13, 2011.

This news, June 13 of this year being holiday is sudden as it is not originally listed on the official Philippine Holidays' List For 2011.

Anyway I don't think that my two co-workers had teamed-up to lie to me. Also, I do not think that someone will be that brave to post a holiday announcement just for fun.

But just like everybody else, I want to confirm it on any government websites or on any reliable sites that could confirm that June 13, 2011 is really a non-working holiday.

Does anyone knew where can we confirm this news? Please do comment below.

Nope, false alarm, June 13 of this year is not a holiday.
My co-worker1 mistakenly thought that he saw June 13, but it's actually June 20 that was posted.
My co-worker2 thought that we are talking about June 20, which he confirmed.

Just a fruit of miscommunication, stk!


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