Jolina Magdangal, Mark Escueda Engagement

Jolina Magdangal & Mark Escueta Engagement

jolina magdangal mark escueta engagement

Engage - Jolina Magdangal and Mark Escueta

Jolina Magdangal, now a 31 years old woman was reportedly to have engaged with Rivermaya's Mark Escueta. The two settling down had even hit Yahoo Philippines as the second most sought phrase on the internet.

In regards to the news-rumor that Jolina Magdangal and Mark Escueta are engage, Jolina said on an interview that marriage is not somethign she will just jump into. Tough Jolina Magdangal admits that she and Mark Escueta had talk about settling together as husband and wife, they have not talk anthing final yet.

Jolina is already on her thirties, where mid-twenties is the ideal age to get married. She is not in a rush just like everyone might have expect.

“Hindi ko alam kung maaga pa ba? Hindi detalyado, siguro ‘yung pa-cute lang na usapan… Ayoko namang isipan na it’s a sign… Bakit naman tayo magpapaka-nega pa? Basta masaya ako… Kasi, ayoko namang kanya pa rin manggagaling. Pero hindi ako nangpre-pressure.” Jolina Magdangal said on an interview.

She also shared that there is one major problem should she and Mark decide to finally tie the knot. Jolina said that Mark is a Christian and she is a Roman Catholic. On some cases, religion is really a big issue to deal with most especially when it comes to getting married as two sect could have opposing rituals.

Keywordspeak dot com wishes Jolina Magdangal best wishes to her future wife-life. May you and your own-future family may live a peaceful and meaningful lives.


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