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After resting for sixteen loooong months, Floyd Mayweather is scheduled to fight Victor Ortiz on September 2011.

Yup, it's not what most of boxing fans expected, but since Manny Pacquiao had also got another opponent - Manuel Marquez. Floyd Mayweather picked Victor Ortiz for his come back fight.

However, boxing fans said that Floyd Mayweather is just using Victor Ortiz to tune himself for his most awaited fight for Pacquiao. Analyst said that Floyd mayweather will just test himself if he can beat Pacquiao because Victor Ortiz is much like Manny Pacquiao, an attacker and a heavy southpaw boxer.

Mayweather will try to snatch Ortiz's Wold Boxing Council (WBC) welterweight title on September of this year.

With this upcoming fight, Floyd will also put his unblemished boxing record of 41 wins with o loss, 25 knockouts.

Ortiz won the WBC welterweight title last April of this year via a unanimous decision against boxer Andre Berto. Ortiz defeated Berto and gave his the first taste of loss.

The fight is now on Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather for them to both win their upcoming fights. Just if this happens, the chance of the two fighting together may become more a reality.

Anyway, we have Floyd Mayweather and Victor Ortiz on September 2011 now.

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Mayweather vs Ortiz Live Streaming.
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Watch Floyd Mayweather vs Victor Ortiz Online Live Streaming.

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