ABS-CBNNEWS.com Website Is Down

ABS-CBN.com Website Is Down, Malfunctioning

ABS-CBN.com is down due to programming error

Not even the mighty company can escape from programming errors. Human error can nto really be prevented. Today, the giant, multi-million company's website is down, we suspect it as a programming error, see proof below.

abs-cbnnews down website

This is what the website looks like when we browse: http://www.abs-cbnnews.com/index.php?q=nation/10/09/10/pnoy-shalani-broke.

I'm a programme, and I can easily tell that this is a programming error, it appears that there is something wrong to their database querying.

Well, let's just hope that they can fix this bug as soon as possible.

I am imagining them on red alert, and panicking right now on their offices just to clear the bug as soon as possible.

Well, whatever happens, mistake must always be a lesson learn for all of us.

More power to the web developer team!

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