TV5 Bids 900 Million To Broadcast PBA

900 Million - TV5 offer To PBA Broadcast Rights

tv5 pba 900 million bid broadcast rights

TV5 Offered 900 Million Pesos To Broadcast PBA

Philippines - The country's most fastest growing network had again took a big aim as it offers hundreds of millions of pesos to get Philippine Basketball Association broadcast rights.

“It’s more than P900 million, but less than P1 billion.” One top PBA officials said on an interview on Manila Bulettin Publishing corporation.

The other bidder is abs-cbn - channel 2, who apparently took off from the bidding process. The bidding minimum price set by the PBA board is 900 million pesos. Abs-cbn refuses to offer any amount the minimum bid of 900 million fo, on the contrary TV5 sent its bid on the range of 900 million and less than a billion pesos.

The bidding is for the PBA broadcast rights for five years, and as of now, the remaining bidder is TV5 network only. Abs-cbn - channel 2 took of from the bidding and GMA7 did not show any interest on joining the game.

However, even TV5 is the only one left on the bidding, TV5 wouldn't gonna get the coverage rights autpomatically, PBA commissioner Chito Salud said. Salud said that it is the PBA board of governors that would make the final decision on PBA broadcast rights bidding.

With this bigtime offer by TV5, it is really undeniably that the network is trying to make its way to the Philippine television realm. It is just a clear message to the other television networks that TV5 really mean business, and they are willing to capitalize on it.

900 million is not a joke, it means that they have everything to get into the competition, and sure they do.

Keywordspeak dot com want to wish TV5 a good luck for their brave-bold move.


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