One Million'th Members Celebration

As usual, there will be no SEO-ing on this post. This will be my entry for the's celebration of officially having one million members on its buy and sell website.

From the past, we can see that is having their periodic raffles from time to time dubbed as "Sulit sa Saya". But for this year's raffle draws, the prizes got more valuable than the past contest.

Sulit 1M Members Raffle Giveaway is now giving one unit of iPad2, one unit of blackberry curve, five gift certificates, and ten cellphone loads.

Everyone can join the contest as long as you have a facebook account, at least - that is. Being a websites owner of or a blogger can give you an extra raffle points by putting it on your site.

The whole raffle period spans to the whole month of May, to be drawn each weeks. Meaning that there will be four raffle draw for the whole month. That would mean that the prizes would be time four to accommodate the four sets of winners.

I just learned it tonight and I just missed the two raffle weeks, but I still got the two remaining weeks so I still have the whole chance to own an iPad, and it's not just some iPad, but and iPad2 - wasn't that awesome?!

Just go to the official contest page to learn everything about the contest.

With that, here is my Sulit 1M Members badge: Buy and Sell Philippines Buy and Sell
Join the 1M Raffle Giveaway

Comeptition is healthy, come and join us!


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