Sarah Geronimo On Glutathione

Sarah Geronimo Takes Glutathione

sarah geronimo glutathione

Sara Geronimo On Glutathione

There has been a buzz going on the Philippine showbiz world that said Sarah Geronimo is taking Glutathione. Rumors depicts it as a negative thing about pop princess Sarah Geronimo.

However, Sarah never denies that she is taking glutathione capsules. The reason why her skin is showing fairer than before.

"Opo naman, nagte-take din ako ng capsules," said Sarah on an interview.

What actually the stismosas are pointing out is that Sarah Geronimo is becoming unprofessional from his last movie on Star Cinema, titled "Catch Me… I’m In Love". Rumors said that Star Cinema decided that it will be her last movie for them because she failed to show up on some shooting dates (plural), packing up the whole production team and resulting to major delays of the movie's schedule dates.

They are all blaming Sara Geronimo's unprofessionalism on glutathione, as it gives vanity and discontentment, the side effects of the drug.

"Anti-oxidant naman po 'yun, 'di ba? Ang side effect lang niya ay nakaka-whiten ng balat ng skin," Geronimo told on an interview.

It can be observe that glutathione was endorsed by many celebrities making it an accepted medication for all walks of life.


  1. ows, wala namang masama sa glutathione, maliban sa mahirap siyang espelling-ngin =)