Osama Bin Laden Virus

Virus Osama Bin Laden Spreading

osama bin laden virus

Beware: Osama Bin Laden virus online

As what reported by US officials, the most wanted person in the world, Osama Bin Laden was dead, he died on a firefight during a raid on the Pakistan.

With this, online surfers sought news about Osama Bin Laden. This however creates new opportunities to the online terrorist themselves as they use the term Osama Bin Laden to spread viruses across the globe.

Osama Bin Laden viruses is now a leading threat by virus companies.

Please beware to any websites or blogs that offers any downloadable files that facade as an additional information about Osama Bin laden's death.

Please be careful and leave any suspicious websites and blogs immediately.

If you need information about Osama Bin Laden's death, it is better and safer to get it from reliable sources like yahoo and msn news or you can get it with your local online websites.

Osama Bin Laden virus is spreading, be vigilant.

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