Mo Twister Rhian Ramos Break Up

Rhian Ramos, Mo Twister Break Up

dj mo twister rhian ramos break up twitter photo

Mo Twister and Rhian Ramos Break Up On Twitter

There has been a noisy buzz that's happening online now.

DJ Mo Twister was reportedly crying over his break up with Rhian Ramos.

It appeared that it is Rhian Ramos who broke up with DJ Mo Twister to protect her career and her family.

“For those asking and writing, I DID NOT breakup w/ Rhian via Twitter. This is absolutely the LAST THING I would have ever wanted us to encounter. Many of you don’t know me personally or you may have an idea of what I may be like from what you hear, but this is a tragedy to me and one of the darkest moments of my life - said Mo in regards to the break ups.

DJ Mo Twister said that Rhian Ramos' reason about her breaking up with him is his tweets that gave hints to people that they are living together. DJ Mo's tweetes gave hints that him and Rhian lived together and the controversy about them being together on a vacation at Santorini, Greece.

DJ Mo and Rhian Ramos' relationship is believe to have laster fo about a year which was ended on Rhian closing the relationship.

DJ Mo now appeared to be the victim from the relationship, because he acts like one.

“I love Rhian dearly, much more than any of you will ever be aware of. She was the closest person to me and losing that is the WORST thing that can happen to anybody. So, all these headlines saying that I broke up with her here are wrong. We are going through something that I am very sadden about, devastated. I would give anything to have my friend back.” said DJ Mo.

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