Maggi Noodles Recall Salmonella

Maggi Noodles Recall Due To Salmonella Scare

maggi noodles recall salmonella

Salmonella Scare - Maggi recall beef and chicken noodles

Manila, Philippines - Nestle Philippines is currently recalling some batches of it Maggi beef and chicken noodles due to salmonella possible contamination.

Nestle Philippines said that it found some traces of salmonella contamination in two abtches of the beef noodles product. As a precautionary measures, it also recalls its chicken noodles.

"The product recall is a precautionary measure... to ensure the safety and quality of our products," Nestlé Philippines said in an ad published in a newspaper.

For those who had bought the recalled products are requested to contact Nestle Philippines' hotline numbers 898-0061 for Metro Manila area and 1-800-100-637853 for provinces (toll-free).

However, Nestle Philippines said that eating the recall products is still safe if the cooking instructions were followed.

Salmonella is a harmful bacteria that infects instestines which causes vomiting, fever, diarhhea and others. Salmonella is said to be taken from unhiygenic preparation of foods like contaminated - unsanitized kitchen and kitchen utensils.

"According to law, manufacturer have to do this [recall], when they discover that there is something that would be harmful to their consumers," Lazo said. "They complied with that law, and this is a very responsible thing that they did."

Nestle Philippines should really be praised for this heroic initiative.

The initial findings said that the flavor enhancer for the maggi noodles may have caused the contamination which was mixed to the maggi noodles while cooking.

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