Macho Man Car Crash Accident, Died

Wrestler, Macho Man Died On A Car Accident - Car Crash

macho man dead car crash

Maco man is dead - car crash accident

Wrestler legend, Macho Man, Randy Savage in real life had died on a car crash accident in Tamp, Florida last Friday morning, reports said.

The 58 years old wrestler reportedly suffered from a heart attack while driving on the road with his 2009 jeep wrangler at around 9:25 am. Randy Savage with his wife during the accident. No other victims was reported to have injured because of the accidentaside from his own wife.

His wife, who is sitting on the passenger side survived with minor injuries.

THe report by the Florida Highway Patrol said that Macho Man's jeep “veered across a concrete median, through oncoming traffic and collided head-on with a tree.” Speculations said that he avoided other cars while he approaches the opposite traffic accross him, thus hitting a tree.
machoman died car crash accident
Savage was rushed to the Largo Medical center immediately by the rescue team, but Savage later died from injuries.

It can be recall that Macho Man, the popular wrestler icon became popular with other iconic wrestling characters like Hulkhogan, Snake among others. He is well known with his flamboyant attire and his catch line "Ooooh Yeah!"


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