Justin Bieber Tatoo Photo

Justin Bieber Tatoo Revealed

justin bieber tatoo picture image photo
Image: popcrunch.com

Justing Bieber Tatoo Photo

A report from yahoo's omg website shows the seventeen years old Justin Bieber having a vacation in hawaii with his tatoo.

The shirtless Justin Bieber revealed his tatoos on his waist, a tiny bird's head and on his ribcage shows a character which was translated as "Yeshua", the Hebrew's name for Jesus.

It can be recalled that Justin Bieber visited Israel last April. His visit on the holy sites could have urged him on putting this tatoo on his ribcage.

Now it is confirmed that Justin Bieber has two tatoos on his body, one on his waist and another tatoo on his ribcage.
justin bieber tatoo photo picture
Photo: yahoo.com
Not that I am against on tatoo, but for a seventeen years old, I guess it's too early. Err, or maybe that's was our culture here on the Philippines.


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