Iskul Bukol Remake 2011

Iskul Bukol 2011 Remake

iskul bukol remake 2011

Iskul Bukol remake

The classic sitcom from 70s, Iskul Bukol, will be revived by tv5 - channel five.

Claiming to be the comedy capital of the Philippines, Iskul Bukol reamake 2011 will join tv5's comedy sitcom lineup.

Cast Iskul Bukol Remake 2011.

Here are the complete cast for the Iskul Bukol 2011 Remake.
iskul bukol remake
Members of its cast include Sam YG as Easy Balidosa, one of the notorious twins; Alwyn Uytingco as Chill Balidosa, one of the notorious twins; Joel Saracho as Wanbol University’s Prefect of Discipline Bongbong Bing; Keempee de Leon as teacher’s assistant Wacky Roque; Regine Angeles as the ultra-conservative “probinsyana” Barbie Que; Fred Lo as the good-looking but nerdy Rude Valentino, the youngest professor to teach at Wanbol University; Erika Padilla as the sporty chic Shawie Cunanan; Tess Antonio as Aning Francia, the cafeteria owner; Lao Rodriguez as Pet Jacobo, Aning’s assistant; and Jerald Napoles as the student janitor, Itor.

We just hope that the new casting will continue and will not ruin the legendary sitcom of Tito, Vic and Joey known as the Escalera brothers.

It is expected that Iskul Bukol premieres on TV5 this coming May 24, 2011 at 10 in the evening.


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