Condom For iPad - Chef Sleeves

Condom Recreated For iPad

iPad's Condom

Nope, before your imagination get wilder, the condom that you've seen on the title has a more general patronage purpose than you think.

This iPad's condom is generally a protective covering for iPad. Since iPad was found to be use on kitchen while Moms are cooking having flour-covered wet hands.

A company called Minnesota tried to be creative by developing a protective cover sleeves, named as Chef Sleeves for iPad, a condom-like rubber base coating that can be rolled over on iPad, where cooking Moms can turn ebook pages without staining the actual device.

The protective sleeves are said to be waterproof, disposable and recyclable. This iPad condom are made from material which is also "touch responsive".

The box also comes with iPad stand that can hold both iPad 1 and iPad 2.

A pack of 25 sleeves on is $19.99 US with free shipping in the US and Canada.

iPad not included ;)

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  1. woops, akala ko kung anong condom na.