Bagyong Dodong Update | Typhoon Dodong Latest Update

Bagyong Dodong Latest Update - Typhoon Dodong

Bagyong Dodong - Storm Dodong Update

Bagyong Dodong, Typhoon Dodong or Storm Dodong is the fourth tropical storm that is scheduled to enter Philippines according to Philippine Atmospheric Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration or PAGASA.

The last tropical storm didn't hit the Philippines soil leaving minimum disturbance throughout the country. Though it was feared to be a super typhoon, it suddenly spared the Filipinos from its destructive power.

Bagyong Dodong maximum winds.
Bagyong Dodong direction.
Bagyong Dodong latest updates.

All of these information will be updated as soon as PAGASA release the official forecast for Bagyong Dodong latest updates.

For now, let us all pray and hope that this will be another chedeng-like typhoon that will cross our country with no harm.

Updates will be posted after this line.

bagyong dodong update
According to Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration or PAGASA, at 2:00 am today, June 9, 2011, the low pressure area (LPA) was estimated based on satellite images and surface data at 90 kilometer West Northwest of Metro Manila or 70 kilometer South Southeast of Iba, Zambales (14.6°N 120.2°E) embedded along the intertropical convergence zone (ITCZ) affecting the entire country.

SIGNAL NUMBER ONE: Here are the affected areas that was declarted signal #1:

1.) Bataan
2.) Pampanga
3.) Tarlac
4.) Zambales
5.) Pangasinan
6.) Cavite
7.) Metro Manila

Though it is not officially named as a typhoon Dodong but only tropical depression Dodong, PAGASA warns residents that are living on mountainous areas for possible landslide.


  1. typhoon dodong will be the next name that will be used by PAG-ASA if there's a new typhoon that will enter Philippines.

  2. Yes, that's right.
    bagyong dodong will be the fourth typhoon scheduled to enter Philippines for this year, 2011.

  3. hindi siya namuong bagyo pero grabe pa rin ang dalang ulan, wondering kung naging bagyo pa ito.. haissst...

  4. Last June 9 Typhoon Dodong arrived. But Pag-Asa declares only signal number 1 for 7 provinces.

  5. yes, I am not even sure if we had already spent the name "Dodong" since it was not officially called as a typhoon but just a tropical depression only.

  6. I agree with nwel. That was only a tropical storm unlike the last typhoon dodong way back 2007.

  7. but it turned out that the name of typhoons will be used even though it is just a tropical depression only.

    Thanks to the commenter above, "Typhoon Dodong".
    He got a nice public service site.

    Please click his link for more information about Philippine typhoons, visit him!

  8. Hi nwel, your right actually dodong is just a "tropical storm". My blog was corrected for the forecast i made. I guess we as bloggers should be careful how to classify tropical depression from tropical storm to typhoon itself.