9/11 Attack Plan

As we may have all know, the leader of Al Qeada and the most wanted person in the world, Osama bin Laden is now dead.

9/11 Attack Plan

9/11 attack plan

Attack Plan For 9/11

This news has been officially made public by the United States of America and later confirmed by Al Queda themselves. This, however creates new question about terrorism in general.

What's next? Is terrorism is now gone or at least rapidly decreased? Will Al Queda will stop its terrorist attacks or at least be stagnant for some years? Will Al Queada, the terrorist group responsible for the 9/11 attack plan to counter attack America?

These are the questions that bothers most people nowadays.

Will Al Queda and its terrorist group allies and sympathizers would make their move for their leader's death?

Are they now cooking another 9/11 attack plan that would kill innocent civilians again?

If so, was this 9/11 attack plan in literal or figurative?

The thing is, we don't know what's next. What we all know is that, we, as the good citizen of this planet will continue to pursue peace and progress even if it takes years to achieve it. That we will hunt down any individuals that would plan to interrupt the peace that we are all working hard for. 9/11 attack plan is something we are all guarding for the future.

May God bless humanity with strength and will.


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