Willing Willie Come Back

Willing Willie Come Back Episode

willing willie episode come back

Wille Revillame on Willing Willie come back episodes

As a blogger who frequently writes about anything, one of the topic that's on my wish-list is the comeback episodes of Willing Willie of TV5.

Yeah, many hate Willie personally. He's babaero, some say he's mayabang, but what this post wants to say is that, the very reason why Willing Willie had stopped is very unreasonable.

There is no child abuse, as I strongly believe it to be.

So it is really unfair that Willie Revillame along with its casts are suffering from the stoppage.

The show voluntarily back-out for the moment because all major sponsors had freezed their ads on the show.

That's why my dream post would be entitled "Willing Willie Come Back Episode".

Yup, how I wish it would happen soon, how about you ?


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