Why Keywordspeak Deserves An iPad

There is no SEO-ing on this post, no H1 or H2 tag combinations that I normally do on most of my posts. This will be my official entry for jehzlau-concepts.com’s “Win An iPad Contest”. But first, let me thank the contest’s sponsor, sherweb.com –the number one hosted exchange provider. Thank you for giving us (mainly Filipino) a chance to own an iPad, sincere smile here.

This post also aim to share the contest to everyone. Just state the top seven reasons on why you should own this hot gadget. I said TOP seven, because I have more than that myself *wink*. So just write a list of your top personal seven reasons on why you should win and sir Jehzeel will send you a hot iPad if the judges picked you.

Enough introduction, here are my own top seven reasons.

Because I'm A Techie Person

I’m a graduate of computer engineering course and I am now working as a web programmer slash computer maintenance for around 110 computers of our company. What I mean is I'm a technically computer-tech person to 99% of those who knew me, and I really am.

Having said that, it's really a need for me to own an iPad to establish my credibility further. I honestly regard it as a necessity more than wants. I think that a person like me should own an iPad, simply because it supposes to be a normal thing for a guy like me.

But budget constrains made it a little farther than possible, and I think this is my chance to have it.

Because My Laptop Can Use A Replacement

I've been using an IBM Thinkpad laptop which was given to me by my uncle. It runs with Pentium 4, with 512 MB of memory and 40GB of hard drive -I’m sure you can visualize that it’s kinda old, especially nowadays where processors are all in dual chips. iPad’s A4 / A5 technology will surely satisfy a tech-hungry person like me.

Also, my laptop’s battery has a problem as I cannot use it without being plug-in. iPad’s 10-hours battery life will surely overwhelm a person like me who’ve been slaved by cables and wires for a quite long time now.

From left to right: 1. My laptop shows its IBM Thinkpad logo, 2. A full frontal shot of my old laptop with its appeal - begging to be replace, 3. My poor notebook shows how thick old laptops are.

Because I Took An Absence Of Leave

I mostly take overtime and still go to work on most Sundays, that’s because I’m a bread winner to our family. I shoulder house rent, electric & water bill, my brother’s (college) allowance for school not to mention our family’s daily food. (I mean all these, no exaggeration)

What I want to say is that I took a leave of absence despite that I greatly value my daily rate at work. But my busyness (overtime) kept me from making my entry even though sir Jehzeel gave us fifteen days to submit our seven reasons.

I’m on province this past four days holiday because this is the only time of the year where I can go home. Candelaria, Zambales where no line internet access on our barangay is available yet and I can’t bring my laptop to access the net because I don’t want my cousins to see my laptop because it’s not that impressive and I don’t have a usb dongle for a 3G signal (which I doubt we have there).

I’m down to the last day of the deadline so I took a leave of absence to my supervisor because I’m dead serious about this iPad. I want it so much that I traded my one day at work just to have my chance for this contest.

Here is my scanned leave form.

Leaving a one day of absence may not sound like a big deal to someone, but it is for me. And if this will give me a ticket for an iPad, I’m willing to take the chance.

Because I’ve Been Having A Delusions Since The Contest Starts

I’ve been thinking ideas whenever I have idle time, like when I’m on the jeepney going and returning from work, break times, etc.

This torturing situation even keeps me awake at night because I’m still thinking killer ideas even before going to sleep. Should I make a video presentation? (I edit video) An interactive flash games? (I do flash) Perform magic? (co’z I love magic, I knew some) Tell entertaining story? (I’m good at telling 5 minutes-long funny jokes) Etc, etc...

This might have prevented my brain from relaxing and resulted on keeping me awake until late hours.

But what can I do? I can't help it.

Gosh, I really want it.

Because I Had Lost Before

I joined an iPad contests for two times before and lost. That’s way back September 2010. The first is from jobstreet.com, second is the tweet to win an iPad and facebook-follow raffle thingy. Yup I had lost two times, meaning that it broke my heart two times already, and to tell you that it really hurts big time.

As they said, "One is enough, two is too much and three is poisonous". Meaning that it is really too much for a guy like me to loose on an iPad contest twice, and I don’t know if I can still handle the third.

Please let me recover from my previous heartaches, jehzlau-concepts.com and sherweb.com –this is my fifth reason on why should I win an iPad, please consider (begging mode).

Because I’m Dying For The Touch Screen Technology

There was only one among my officemates that has an iPad which was sent to her by her aunt. She’s bringing her iPad once in a while at the office and it really amazes me with its touch screen technology.

Tulo laway ko (my saliva is dripping) everytime I sees it. I haven’t overcome the feeling of the touch screen feature, until now I haven’t get use to it yet, what I mean is that it always amazes me every time I see it responding on my slightest touch.

I bought a China version of the iPad, they call it ePad or aPad. The price of iPad is way out of my budget so I settled down for the the fake version. But to my dismay, it’s a total disappointment and just a waste of money. But don’t blame me, I'm just a poor guy who badly wants a touch screen gadget.

Because I Want To Be A Blogger Anywhere

A blogger needs a computer right? And the idea of having a computer everywhere is the norm nowadays, especially seeing those wifi signs on almost all establishments.

When I see a person with their tablet pc on fast food chains, I’m always getting envy. How I wish I can tap my fingers too on my own pc even though I’m out there eating .

I want to be a full time blogger (read the full story here), and having a portable device like an iPad will take me closer to my dream.

Well, that's it, my top seven reasons on why should I deserve an iPad.
Just crossing my fingers here.

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  1. Nakit ko link mo kay Master Jehz! hmmm...you have a very nice post pero Ansakit sa mata ng background mo and di din po makita yung text...awwwww....



    thanks for the info, akala ko sakin lang eh.

  3. nice one Noel. ang daming gandang posts; maraming deserving.

  4. yay! thanks for joining! Hope you win. I'm excited to know who will win the iPad.. ^_^. Wala pang reply from Sherweb kasi. hehe :D They are having a hard time choosing the winner. O__O

  5. thanks for being here sir Jehz, baka naman pwede kang mag-recommend sa kanila, smile here (",)

  6. Bro.. now alam ko na talambuhay mo, ang astig pala ng background mo eh :) Good Bless You nawa manalo ka sa good entry mong ito :)

  7. thanks csseyah, sana nga magka-iPad ako.
    looking forward to be your competitor on the next contest.
    yngats men!

  8. naaliw ako dun sa reason na delusions! :-)