Why Gays Are Indispensable

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There’s nothing wrong being gay, but before I go on with this article, I just want to tell you that I'm not gay okay?! I just made this article to show the real value of gay to the earth. I personally condemn those who discriminate the gays, treating them as some kind of laughing stuff. I really can’t understand these people, I honestly don’t see any reason why they treat the gays very unfairly. Nor I see any difference from my person with them.

That’s why I decided to make an article as a tribute of their kind, yes… I said "their kind". I know you heard me said before that they have no difference from my person but why did I said that they have their own kind? What I mean is that they should enjoy the same fair treatment on our community like we are having. I don’t even want to label them as not normal and us as a normal person, well if would, I will say that they are not normal because I consider them as above normal, which I exactly why I consider them of having their own kind.

Honestly speaking, I envy them. There are times when I wish I was born gay, because that would mean that I will become "born-happy", a person with high humor and intellect, a unique individual and a most of all, a talented person. But unfortunately, I'm not. I haven’t seen a gay person which doesn’t have his own unique talent. They always have this catchy personality that makes them excel in anything they do. I consider them as the cream of the group, someone to always break the ice, who always starts the conversation and who choose or make the topic alive. Someone you would surely miss when they’re not on the group thus makes them an indispensable person. Whenever I see a gay person, I can see happiness, joy, comfortability, talent and laughter. I believe that they are a wonderful gift to human kind as they brighten everyone’s day.

To all the gay out there, I want to tell you that there are persons like me who consider you as a big asset to the community, be happy and go forth & multiply (smile).

This was posted as a tribute for Ladlad Party List which was recently favorably recognized by the supreme court.

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