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Royal Wedding Online Live Streaming

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Watch free - royal wedding live streaming

Watch the Royal Wedding of the future king and queen of England, Prince WIlliam of Wales and Catherine "Kate" Middleton is scheduled on April 29 of this year, Friday.

Many was invited, but for those who can't go personally to the royal wedding, live streaming is the only best option.

Watch for free - Royal Wedding Live streaming Online.

Where to watch the royal wedding online live streaming for free ?

There was a lot of rumors whether youtube will handle the live streaming of the royal wedding.

But to clear this up, it is not a rumor, it seems that google company really will host the online live streaming of the royal wedding.

Now we can all watch the royal wedding for free at dedicated a page to stream the wedding live.

With google's generosity, they allow the live streaming to be embedded on any websites.

The embedded video below is an official link to youtube channel that will show the royal wedding.

Though we are a little doubtful if youtube can handle all the traffic on the actual day of the royal wedding, well, we hope so.


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