May 1 Labor Day Moved ?

Will The May 1, 2011 Labor Day Be Move?

may 1 2 labor day holiday

Palace to move holiday for the May 1, 2011 - labor day, true or not?

This has been a very uncomfortable year for the workers in regards to May 1, 2011 - Labor Day.

May 1 is the celebration for the labor day for the entire country, and is usually observed as a regular non-working holiday for all the workers on the entire country.

But this year's labor day happened to be a Sunday, which of course means that it is an obvious natural non-working day.

This of course creates a noisy buzz for all working Filipino out there. Everyone wants Monday to be declared as a non-working holiday to take the part of the May 1 which fell on Sunday.

However, presidential spokesperson Edwin Lacierda made it clear that May 2 of this year will not be declared as a holiday in exchange for the May 1 Sunday.

"May 2 is a regular working day" , the presidential spokesman said on an interview.

That means that all employers for the entire country need to go to work on Sunday, and that they will not enjoy a non-working holiday in celebration of the May 1, labor day.


  1. kapag panahon ni gloria iyan eh siguradong imomove iyan.

  2. anu ba yan walang pahinga

  3. onga, si gma pa, eh numero uno yon.