KC Concepcion Piolo Pascual Break Up Rumors

Is KC Concepcion And Piolo Pascual Had Broke Up Already ?

kc concepcion piolo pascual break up

Rumor - KC Concepcion and Piolo Pascual break ups

We all know that the daughter of Philippine megastar Sharon Cuneta, KC Concepcion and Philippine hunk Piolo Pascual is in a serious relationship right now.

But is it true that KC and Piolo had broke up?

KC and Piolo break up.

Because I heard that KC Concepcion had a grudge over Piolo Pascual because the latter is not present on KC 's birthday. Piolo being absent on the celebration, made a fight between KC and Piolo.

Now my question is, is KC Concepcion and Piolo Pascual had really broke up?

Is there any truth for the headline - KC and Piolo Break Up.

Is there any third party? If there is, which side?

Please do comment below.

The break up news had became more clearer now as megastar Sharon Cuneta - Pangilinan had her interview on TV Patrol. The hints from the megastar had seemed like she had boldly confirmed that her daughter, KC Concepcion and Piolo Pascual had already broke up.

"Uulitin ko sinabi ng Daddy ko noon, ‘Kahit Metro Aide ang maging asawa niya, basta siya 'yung mahal na mahal, 'yung alagang-alaga,’" Sharon said on an itnerview last night on TV Patrol.

Sharon remembered how she brought up and fight for KC as she added on her statement - "Kasi, 'di ko pinalaki 'yan para i-take for granted lang at balewalain. Unfair naman!"

On her message for KC in regards on what she is going through this time -
"Basta, Kristina, mama's here. Don’t forget you’re my daughter. We love you. We went through so much when you were little. You don’t have to go through it yourself."

Meanwhile, KC's real father, Gabby Concepcion said that he will not interfere on the split rumors.

"It's her life not mine, wala akong pakialam sa kanila. Ngayon ko pa lang nababalitaan yan...if it works out fine, if it doesn't well, talagang ganyan ang buhay." Gabby Concepcion said on an interview.

UPDATE: November 27, 2011
It looks like they're really broke up officially.

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