June 20, 2011 Rizal Day Special Non Working Holiday

Rizal Day - Special Non-Working Holiday - June 20, 2011

rizal day special non working holiday june 20 2011

Rizal day, June 20, 2011, special non-working holiday

Manila, Philippines - Philippine president Benigno Noynoy PNoy Aquino has declared the 20'th of June as a special non-working holiday for the entire countryn to commemorate the 150'th birth anniversary of our national hero, Dr. Jose Protacio Mercado Rizal.

The declaration was signed as the proclamation number 154, signed by Philippine president Benigno Aquino.

Proclamation number 154 stated, "all Filipinos the opportunity to commemorate Rizal’s patriotic deeds and sacrifices for the country, rekindle their admiration and respect for him, and to celebrate this milestone with appropriate ceremonies".

Actually the actual birthdate of our nationa hero, Dr. Jose Rizal is June 19, but the National Historical Commission of the Philippines or NHCP requested to Malacanang that Monday, June 20, 2011, be declared as a special non-working holiday in exchange to the real Rizal's birthdate which will fall on Sunday.

This move was a little odd because Malacanang specifically said that the labor day, May 1, a suppose to be a non-working holiday will not be move, which falls on Sunday too.


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