Boy Abunda's Mom Died Rumor

Boy Abunda's Mother Died Rumor - Not True

boy abunda mother mom died dead

Pure rumor - Boy Abunda's mother is dead

I have heard from someone that Boy Abunda's mother was dead.

First, if it is a rumor - it is not true.

What is true is that Boy Abunda's mom, Lesing Abunda, is ill as of this moment.

On Boy Abunda's show, Bottom Line, last week, he admit that his mother is ill and he is so sad about it. Boy Abunda, mostly known by being a certified maka-ina said that his mother is the captain of their ship had suddenly felt extremely weak, to the point that she hard a hard time walking.

"Personal ito na tanong. My mother is 82 years old. A month ago biglang naghina ang nanay. She was so strong physically, ang captain of the ship ng aming buhay. Nahirapan kami kasi isang araw ay bigla na lamang siyang nahirapan lumakad, nahirapang kumilos. So nahirapan din kaming mag-adjust," Boy said.

We, at keywordspeak dot com hopes for the betterment of Boy Abunda's mother.

May you get better soon mommy Lesing.


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