Boy Abunda Joined Ladlad

Yup, we saw this coming!

Confirmed - the popular talk show host, Boy Abunda, had officially joined Ladlad, formerly "Ang Ladlad".

Ladlad Joined By Boy Abunda

boy abunda ang ladlad

Ladlad's most popular member - Boy Abunda

The political party composed of Filipino (and Filipina) gays and lesbians of our country had been recognized by the supreme court as a party worth of accreditation.

The ruling was given on the party's anniversary.

Becaus of this gift for their anniversary, Ladlad declared April 8 as the "Day Of Philippine LGBT Pride" to celebrate the restoration of their dignity and freedom. LGBT means Lesbians Gays Bisexuals Transvestites.

It can be recalled that Ladlad, Ang Ladlad back then was rejected by the Commission on Elections to run as a valid party list for the May 2010 election despite of having 120,000 votes. They was even labeled by the COMELEC as immoral, as a salt-rub on the wound.

Ladlad dropped the "And" on their official name to avoid confusion to the voters as one of their preparation for the 2013 election.

They also have this "Isa Para Sa Sampu sa 2013", where they ask their 120,000 members to recruit ten more supporters targetting a sure 1,200,000 votes and a sure seat to the congress.

As expected, Ladlad had announced their ever growing membership thruought the country.

Ladlad vowed to push for the anti-discrimination bill and the anti-vagrancy law if given the chance to seat at the House of Representatives.