Willie Revillame Sick - Absent Willing Willie

Willie Revillame Still Absent On Willing Willie

willing willie absent revillame

What happen to Willie Revillame - absent on Willing Willie

It's been quite a while since Willie Revillame took a leave of absence on his own show. Mr. Willie Revillame is absent on the Willing Willie since after his birthday last January 27, 2011, and that's seven days already.

At first, DJ Mo was made as his replacement, but since yesterday, Rico J. Puno acts as his replacement.

Shalani Soledad is doing an excellent job for the show. I can tell that she is exerting and extra effor to at least fill in the emptiness that Willie left. This is because Rico Puno is doing very worst.

I personally believe that Rico Puno shouldn't suppose to be on the show, he is so corny, his punch lines are horrible. He is just dragging the show down.

I wish he would be removed to the show as soon as possible.

But I believe that it is not his hosting talent the reason on why he was put on the show. I believe that this is just a simple display to the abs-cbn network, that Willie can get all their celebrities.

Going back to the topic, it is reported that Willie is still on the St. Luke hospital and his comeback to the show is still unknown.

I hope Willie Revillame will get well soon as possible before the show got ruined up irreversibly. How I hope that Willing Willie staffs can realize that their ratings is going down and that the show is getting lamer with undeserving hosts.


  1. salamat naman at makakabalik na si kuya Willie tomorrow. nakakabuwisit lang si rico. naalibadbaran lang ako sa kanya...
    mas maganda pa sana kung si shalani na lang eh.
    pamBU lang yang si rico...

  2. tsk tsk.nagccmula na namang umatake ang mga sungay mu willie! live na tatawagan si john.beware tv5.