Water Jet - Water Powered Jet

Water Powered Jet

water powered jet

Water Jet - Water Powered Jet

This will surely be included to the real men toy collections.

Seeing this is for the first time made you understand how it works. With a controllable nozzle gear pack that is strapped on your body with a long hose connected to a floating boat that pumps the water that gives you the lifting force is what this new toy is composed of.

JetLev Flyer, is a two gear system, one it strapped on your thigh. The hose is then connected to a floating speed boat - like unit that has a 250 horse power motor pump. The two units are then connected with a 10 meters long hose that supply the rapid water through the nozzle.

The water is pump up from the lake to the nozzle gear connected to the user's body giving a 1,900 newton force thrust. The creators said that the thrust force is enough to lift a fat man of a 150 kilos or 330 pounds.

The top vertical lift that a user can get is 8.5 meters or 28 feet. The horizontal distance is limited of course with the pumping power of the engine below that tops at 35 miles per hour that can last for about two hours non stop, which of course limited with the fuel tank.

I don't want to spoil the big fun but this water powered jet pack will cost for 100,000 US dollars. But that's nothing for the rich market I guess.

Just hoping to see one in person.


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