Watch Juana Change Porsche Video

Watch Juana Change Porsche Youtube Video

juana change porsche video watch

Juana Change Porsche

I didn't knew this until it became really very popular. The video of Juana Change, Mae Paner in real life spread like fire on the politically aware Filipinos.

It was featured on abs-cbn's The Buzz,,, and was talked on all websites and blogs from the Philippines.

The best thing that made this Juana Change Porsche video is that it really boldly stated the supposed-to-be defense of the malacanang palace, which is that "It is the president own money".

That defense is suppose to seal all critics, but for Juana Change porsche video it doesn't seems to work.

The thing is, the Juana Change Porsche video already said that which leaves nothing for the defense.

As of to date, the Juana Change Porsche youtube video already got 25,344 views, with 167 likes, 75 dislikes and 571 comments after being uploaded last January 31, 2011.

Watch the youtube original video here:

Furthermore, here is the abs-cbn show hosted by Boy Abunda that talks about Juana Change.


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