Watch Christina Aguilera Sang National Anthem at Super Bowl - Youtube Video

Watch Christina Aguilera National Anthem Super Bowl Video

christina aguilera wrong lyrics watch video national anthem super bowl

Christina Aguilera's wrong lyrics at the national anthem before the super bowl, watch the video

You wouldn't gon'na be strong if only good things happens to you.

Now this quotation would surely make Christina Aguilera a lot stronger as she messes up at the front of thousands of people before the super bowl event while singing the US national anthem yesterday, February 06, 2011.

It can be seen on the youtube video below that Christina left out some lines of the national anthem and tried to make up by combining some lines but failed to take the tune back right.

Embedded here is the youtube video of Christina Aguilera's awful performance.

Watch the video:

The video as of this writing already has a 2,380,586 views to be exact after being uploaded yesterday, that's more than a million views per day.

Anyway, I am not sure if Christina had already crossed over the embarassment, but let's understand her, people did sometimes mess up.


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