How Blogging Affects My (Our) Life

The Wedding Ring That Blogging Bought Us

How blogging affects my life....

Actually, it’s us and not just mine.

This is our short tale on how blogging had affected our lives.

I’m using "WE" because my wife-to-be is also included on my blogging experience. First, let me start on how and when my blogging life began.
It’s the July of 2007 when I started searching a way on how to make money online. My attention is really to scout for online survey sites that don’t ask for any membership fee. Online survey is the only way I knew back then to have online income because I had received spam emails from them.

I can’t recall it exactly, but my online surfing led me to Lisa Irby’s ebook about adsense. I downloaded the ebook and took it home since I don’t have internet connection on our house back then. When I read it, it blew my mind on how can I really earn online on a legitimate way – and that’s through hardwork. After reading that ebook, I realized on how many years I have wasted on my life by not having an online business.

Flowers poured and fell over me as I am on my “pangangarap” mode, imagining how money rolls in from my online earnings.

To cut the story short, after trying for months, I got disappointed. It wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be. Then my disappointment become years.

I barely made money online, visitors weren’t as I figured it to be.

Only after reading the post of one of the blogs that I follow from one of the known Pinoy blogger, Marhgil Macuha, that he just resigned his job, made a deep realization to myself. Parang isang malakas na sampal sa aking mukha, that made me came back to myself and only then I realized what really blogging can do to your life.

So I became really very serious about blogging, depriving myself to do the less sensefull things and arrest myself in writing. That made me got my first online earning on August 25, 2010. If you will do the math, it took me three years and one month to make my dream come true – an online income made into reality.

But my last month’s adsense earning, my fourth online income, is the most significant part of our lives.

My girlfriend, 25, and me, 28, had been planning to get married for quite a long time. Financial problems made this to push very far because I am the breadwinner of the family and I need to help my little brother’s tuition fee, not to mention his daily baon.

But we dedicated my last month’s online income to buy a wedding ring, and we did. We withdraw my adsense earning through western union on December 26, 2010 and went to Mall of Asia (for the first time) and bought it there on new years' eve.
My western union withdrawal slip for my last month's blogging income that bought our wedding ring

My little brother, our bunso, still have two sems left after this semester, but at least we are a step closer to our dream.

Looking for a wedding ring is also a little funny because the first stores that we asked told us that the price of their wedding rings are 30K to 50K on all the pairs on the display that we asked. Muntik na kong nahimatay at first (literally speaking) (nanghina tuhod ko) because I never imagined that a wedding ring on our caliber will be anything close to that.

After some more searching, we got what we want, a simple and perfect wedding ring that really belongs to us.

This is the picture of our humble wedding ring bought by blogging (taken by my wife-to-be, kaya hindi sentro ang kuha, peace bekoh!).

And this is our picture on the jewelry store with the friendly sales ladies.

The wedding ring came with a free aras with coins inside and two calendars.

One of the saleslady asked us on when is the wedding, I told her that no date is set yet, she looked puzzled and said “Meron ba non?”, I just jokingly added, “Pinag-iisipan ko pa eh”. Implying that I wasn’t sure for my wife-to-be yet, the laugh on the store made us escaped from the question. If they only knew that we are back to zero and need to start again to save for the wedding, the very reason why can’t we tell any date yet.

But after receiving a cash reward for being one of the ten employees of the year on our company with the 13th month pay and other monetary blessing at the end of the year, my wife-to-be and I managed to get a bank account which is entirely dedicated for our wedding.

Now, my whole salary is spent entirely for my family and my blogging income is dedicated for our bank savings, for our wedding.

My plan for 2011 is to be more serious in blogging because I know that blogging plays a big role to my life and to the family that I am about to create.

Here are some of the pictures we took on our Mall of Asia adventure.
Bheng, my wife-to-be with the stuff toy I bought for her which she later calls MAKIBAO -named after the popular Japanese anime, a white racehorse that looks like a cow.

Me, with the giant robot at MOA
My wife-to-be on the toy house at MOA

Well, that is me and my wife-to-be and that’s how blogging affects our humble life.

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  1. I just got back to blogging late last year, also. I hope to get 'serious' on blogging this year, too.

    Goodluck to you! And best wishes! :D

  2. Yup, blogging is really all about hard work, and the rewards keeps us motivated, thanks for reading Noypi.

  3. wow. that's from adsense alone? I hope I could get that much too... I've recently installed adsense on my blogs and I'm still trying to familiarize myself with techniques on how to make the most of it. I also joined this contest too. Best of luck to both of us :)

    Pinay Blogger

  4. yup, adsense alone. and it really helps my family very much.
    but it's actually not that much for the real blogger's earnings!
    thanks =)

  5. it's a very touching story you wrote on why you blog. i believe blogging affects us in different ways depending on what we do with our blogs. as for me, I blog because of my passion in contests in general.

    good luck to us! :)

  6. your story is both touching and inspirational, i doff my hats to you for supporting your family (i did too, for so many years before i had my son) and for persevering so you can truly earn a living online. i am striving to do that this year, and your post on your adsense earning made me feel that goal is're a winner already, still i wish you luck in this contest, may we both win^^

  7. @rdnofera - thanks for the comment, i agree with you, a blogger can not really do this without the passion. i think that passion is what keeps us going, and money is just a fruit from that passion. thanks!

  8. @jared's mum - this is so far the best comment I ever received in my entire blogging life. thank you for being generous with your words.

    yup, my blogging earnings has a significant effect on my family, especially for someone like me who just earns around 500/day (minus tax, lunch, snacks, etc. = approx.400/day).

    it can take years, but if we persist enough, we can really have a significant online earnings until the time that it can support us entirely.

    again, thank you po.

  9. Wow! I better put adsense on my blog, too! Your persistence, honesty and humility are admirable. I just recently went back to blogging. And I agree, passion fuels us to exceed ourselves and make the most of things in life.

    Cheers to you and your lovely wife-to-be!

  10. @Leah - my wife-to-be said thanks for putting the word 'lovely' there, smile. welcome back to blogging !

  11. great story, bro. I'm sure you'll find more ways to make your wedding a reality and very memorable one. Joining online contest just what you're doing now is another option. Your lucky to have a good-looking and supportive wife-to-be. She's also as lucky because she has a man who will do everything to make her happy.

    Saludo din ako sa 'yo dahil you did not back-off from your commitment and obligation to your family even if faced with personal difficulties, like financial matters.

    Good luck and advance happy wedding to you, guys!

  12. @Richard -yup, sakripisyo po talaga --sa tunay na kahulugan ng salita.
    anyway, one year na lang po after this sem. makakapag-umpisa na kami.

    thanks for your comment, i appreciate it very much!

  13. another great successful story i've read in blogging. keep up and happy blogging to you.

  14. I love your story. More success in Life and in blogging. I join the contest too: Here's my entry.
    New Blogger Strategies and Goals

  15. Wow. I never thought you waited for years. I started blogging last August 2010, then stopping my regular posts for a while, then came back again this month.

    I never had any earnings from Adsense though. XD That's why I removed my ads.

    I think I'll just focus on the contents and will bring back my ads once I get a readership. O.o What do you think? Any suggestions?

    By the way, an advanced Congratulations for you. That's really one heck of a hardwork. It gave me the will to continue blogging. XD

  16. @roy, @alohagems, @gian

    thank you for your comments, and thank you for liking my story.

    @gian - since you asked for suggestion, what I can tell is just write and write. the more hot topics we can post, the more possibility that we can have visitors.

    i can't still give an authorative comment as i myself is still under the process of discovering this blogging world, just keep on blogging!

    good luck to all of us!

  17. i am receiving a lot of positive feedbacks from this article, thank you to coolbuster for making this post possible, my wife-to-be is also very happy with the feedbacks, thanks again!

  18. Congrats for both of you. Build your blogging empire bro :)

  19. @Charlie -thanks for dropping by, but not yet an empire (smile) =)

  20. Bro halos pareho pala tayo ng kalagayan :) last year November 2010 ko lang din nakuha yung first adsense earning ko.. and then upto now monthly na rin me :) Good Job bro.. your the men :)

  21. @csseyah -smile here, nice to know na may kasabayan pala ako =) good luck to both of us!

  22. Sana kumita rin ako kagaya niyo mga IDOL! hehehe! =)

  23. just keep on blogging and don't get frustrated.
    blog lang ng blog kahit hindi kumikita, yan ang sikreto =)
    be inspired with other big blogs like coolbuster, yugatech, macuha, etc.

  24. inspiring story bro.. :).. as for my success in adsense, same thing, supported our wedding, then baptism sa bby, then sa house, then sa motor, car and resto business.. so in short, lahat pwede mangyari sa adsense... if steady na ang income bro, divert other funds to other business ..

    then try working with affiliate na cguro ...

  25. thanks for the message po, but can you please at least tell me your name and your site, medyo contest entry rin po kasi itong post ko, need po ng mga valid comments from real people.

    hope to get your reply.

    BUT THANKS FOR THE COMMENTS, and yes, i am planning affiliates pag gumanda-ganda na po siguro ang traffic =), thanks again.

  26. wow! very nice story. Ngayon ko lng nabasa to. :)

  27. thanks for liking sir Jhez (smile)

  28. Hi nwel, inviting you to join my guest blogger contest.