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The fifth X-Men movie and first for the three sequels, X-Men First Class trailer can now be watch online.

X-Men First Class is all about how the leading character of X-Men discovered their powers.

The movie focused on how Professor X - Charles Xavier, and Magneto - Erik Lehnsherr became enemies. The story shows that professor X and magneto are both closed friends who fought for the common good way back when they started their groups.

On the trailer, familiar mutants are still on cast while new movie characters has been introduced.

The X-Men First Class movie will be on theater on June 3, 2011.

Watch the full trailer video embedded below with the six minute analysis from IGN Entertainment.

The trailer video currently has 7,360,208 views and 21,472 likes and 905 dislikes. Though I am wondering why would someone will dislike the trailer video.

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