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I just want to blog about this because I recently noticed that my blogger blog is pre formatted with this unknown div tag.

Though it doesn't looks like it is harmful, but it is very foreign on my codes. Being a programmer myself I don't want my any pre-inserted code on my work.

This code always appear everytime I attempt to create a new post. It seems that my post body was automatically wrapped by this div tag. Even though I tried to remove it and switched on the Compose mode, when I switch back to the Edit HTML mode, the
<div dir="ltr" style="text-align: left;" trbidi="on"> is back again.

The same thing happens if you remove the tag and publish the article, when you try editing the post and use the Edit HTML mode, the <div dir="ltr" style="text-align: left;" trbidi="on"> mysteriously comes back.

I tried googling about it and it seems that someone from India named raahatji is also experiencing the same problem. He tried asking it on the blogger forum, but as of todate, no response was posted from the members yet.

Does anyone knew anything about blogger.com says anything about this? Was there any announcement on what does this code do?

Have you experiencing the same problem?

Please do drop a comment.

anuvinu, a commenter below, found a way to disable this nuisance, it turns out to a simple blogger settings, thanks again! Case closed!


  1. I think that it is not a virus or something, it is a default format that blogger staffs added.

  2. are you sure it's a default?
    anyone can point out google saying anything about this?

  3. I have the same problem too. Feed Validation reports it as an error and it's taking traffic away from me.


  4. Yeah, some of my posts are becoming disformatted too.
    how I hope someone can tell us what is happening.

  5. im having the same question too.
    have anyone can answer this?

  6. Here's an update:

    I was wondering if I just messed up my blogger templates while I am making some tweaks on it so I reuploaded my blog templates from scratch but the <div dir="ltr" style="text-align: left;" trbidi="on"> still appears.


  7. It might be some (anonymous) data sending!

  8. even i'm facing the problem @ http://useful-toall.blogspot.com

  9. @hjpotter92

    Are you experiencing anything unusual aside from seeing this code?

  10. Thank you for the post.

    My readers also complain about this new formatting since it destroy work of Blogger's break-jump sometimes... I'll try to investigate and let you know.

    Best regards,

  11. @blogger4you,

    thanks, please come back any development.
    ill also post here any discovery ill make.


  12. mee too same prob dude..the only why to get rid was switching to older editor. Hope it helps you..

  13. Hi Everyone!

    I have removed it. Don't edit the HTML in the blogger editor, instead copy the HTML of your post in a Dreamweaver or any other editor. Remove the attribute trbidi="on" from the div tag and copy the whole HTML carefully and paste it in your blogger editor and publish.



  14. here is the solution:


  15. @Soofia

    I don't think you provided the real solution.
    Other than removing the trbidi manually, there is no rel solution for this as of now.

    Anyone knew the exact solution, please share.

  16. @nwel

    I totally agree with you. This is not a real solution and manually removing this attribute on a blog with hundreds of posts is difficult.

    But as I have a smaller blog at this time this solution is working for me.

  17. @Soofia

    I'm not sure though, it doesn't looks like it's harming our blog.
    are you experiencing any irregularities?

  18. @nwel

    I don't know if its harmful or not... Actually when you validate your feed through feed validator it shows an error like this:

    line 66, column 0: description should not contain trbidi attribute (8 occurrences)

    There are some harmful attributes that should not occur in your feed.

    So thats the thing that is causing the worry among a lot of people and they want to remove this attribute.

    If you see in your blogger editor there is small button "left to right" in the toolbar. This small tool aligns the text from Left to Right and is selected by default and this tool actually produce this div tag.

    If you press the button "Right to Left", another div tag will appear but with no "trbidi" attribute. Check the HTML. I think trbidi=on is just referring that by default this tool button is on and text is align "Left to Right". So nothing harmful I think :)

  19. @Soofia

    that was helpful.
    thanks for the information.
    it's more like a blogger bug then.
    i just hope that this would create a buzz that google people may notice us.

    thanks for sharing!

  20. thanks for the information. I'm having the same problem, but when i copied the HTML of my post in a Dreamweaver . then I removed the attribute trbidi="on" from the div tag and copied the whole HTML and paste it in my blogger then publish it but . it had a problem: " Your HTML cannot be accepted: Closing tag has no matching opening tag: DIV
    Stop showing HTML errors for the body of this post"
    Can you help me?? Thank very much.

  21. are you sure you deleted the ending div tag?

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  23. I found a way a disable this unwanted tag. Sign in to blogger Go to settings Disable Transliteration at the bottom of page. You are done. India Govt. Jobs

  24. @anuvinu -that works! thanks!

  25. ANUVINU is right.I also noticed this pre formated code.Actually this is transliteration.If you wand to disable this just disable transliteration from Setting.I mean

    Sign in to blogger
    Go to settings the setting of your Blog
    Disable Transliteration at the bottom of Setting page.
    That's It....

  26. It's normal. No need to worry. It's a default feature for formatting.

  27. Dear friends,
    Happy new year. I am facing this problem now too. And I can not solve it using disable transiliteration. HELP!

  28. The disable settings didn't do it all for me. In addition, I had to replace the < div dir="ltr" style="text-align: left;" trbidi="on"> with a line of code. I used < div style="text-align: left;" > and saved it. It took care of that certain problem... I have a ton of yellow highlighted problems on my Validator page. I decided to blog my fixing journey. Lol. This is craziness.


  29. Hi Friends please post your questions in http://it-forum-online.blogspot.in/ there may be chance to get the correct answer, thanks to all.

  30. Came here searching for something else.
    trbidi relates to transliteration. Not used by all blogging platforms. It is known to disturb feeds. You can remove it in Blogger by going to settings>transliteration>off.

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