China Death Penalty - Filipino Death Row

Three, 3, Filipinos Are On Death Throw On China

china death penalty row filipino philippines

Death penalty to be executed for three Filipino on China

Three Filipinos are scheduled to be executed over the death penalty that was rendered on to them on China.

According to abs-cbn news report, here are the Filipino list for the death row.

1.) A 42-year-old male who was convicted for smuggling 4,113 grams of heroin on December 28, 2008 in Xiamen;
2.) A female, 32, convicted for smuggling 4,110 grams of heroin on December 24, 2008 also in Xiamen; and,
3.) A female, 38, convicted for smuggling 6,800 grams of heroin on May 24, 2008 in Shenzhen.

Of course, our president, Benigno PNoy Noynoy Aquino III, sent an appeal to the chinese government as early as last year, asking to reduce the sentence to life imprisonment. However, the Chinese government sticks to the death penalty as of today.

It is not clear whether the life of these Filipinos can still be saved, especially if the time remains is less than a week, but PNoy said that there is still a time - as what reported on the tv patrol news.

Also, senator Miriam Santiago earlier added that all we can do is to submit an appeal, and that there is no legal remedy that can alter the chinese law in any way.

Noynoy added that drugs is a worldwide problem and we are hoping that the Filipino cases can be executed on the life imprisonment.

It is reported that on this very situation can we really test the relationship between China and Philippines.

On the other side, the Filipinos on death rows were rumored that they knew that what they are carrying is a drugs and that they are confident that the authorities cannot detect it because the bag is custom made.

That of course is a little funny knowing the xray machine that all baggages are subject to take. Airline people are trained to make this kind of checking and they are their for this kinds of purposes.

What am I thinking? I personally cannot comment on this. How about you?

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