Airgun For Sale Philippines

Airgun Air guns For Sale Philippines

airgun philippines

Where to find new and second hand airguns for sale on the Philippines

I personally have my airgun since 2008, my first catch is a wild duck which made me an official hunter back then.

But just like the other human being, I got tired of this airgun of mine, and I want to change or upgrade to a better airgun. Something that has a snipper's telescope on it, damn, I want one.

I was just wondering on where I can get a good airgun here on the Philippines. I surfed online and found no where to find an available airgun that can be ordered online.

Armscor has many outlet dealers but I found no where that is close enough on our city. And they said on my online inquiry that they do not accept delivery order and all of their items as just for pick up.

Though there are many second hand airguns online for sale where sellers are willing to use shipping services but I am not a fan of second hand ever since.

So, does anyone has an experience buying an airgun anywhere?


  1. try mu to pare,